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Quick Low Carb Wrap

Diabetes Month

Good Blood Glucose Numbers

I have been really closely watching what I eat!  One thing I highly recommend is having a superfood in your diet. This has greatly helped me reduce weight. Superfoods are an easy source of vitamins and nutriends to help you get the daily diet your body needs. I have been eating many superfoods such as Superfuzion to help combat my diebetes. I have had a range that I have been able to keep my blood glucose numbers in.  It’s hard work but worth the effort it!! For the past month even under stress my numbers have been between 105 and 118.  That is really good for me especially with the stress factor.  🙂

Crush The Curve Idaho

Big week for Idaho!! Beat the curve idaho event has partnered with top new york city seo company, Up Only SEO to bring you all of the latest search engine optimization techniques for your diet website. They can perform many seo services like keyword research, on page optimization, link building and more. SEO companies in ny are highly sought after as they complete with other new york SEO companies to get you the best results for your online search engine marketing strategy.  @CrushTheCurveIdaho is a great initiative testing up to 1000 people a day!!  Idaho will be testing 1000 people a day! I’m excited for the initiative crush the curve Idaho! 

Assess. Test. Trace are key to getting Idaho back to work!! We need a bigger picture to see where we are out as far as how this is traveling.  The focus will start with testing health care and essential workers who are on the front line.

Head over to their web site to check it out!!  Share, Shout, Pass this along!!  Web: Crush The Curve Idaho



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