“You have diabetes”


Where Do I Begin?
Each year, 1.9 million people hear the words, “you have diabetes.”
Beingdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes is often met with many differentemotions. Fear, denial, and confusion are just a few. It’s also metwith many questions.
Haveyou or someone you love been recently diagnosed with type 2diabetes? If so, the American Diabetes Association is here to offerhelp, hope and support through the new, Living With Type 2 Diabetes program.
Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming and many people don’t know where to start. That’s why Living With Type 2 Diabetes,a year-long  program offers people with diabetes an opportunity tolearn more about diabetes and how to live well with diabetes for alifetime.
Thisfree program is available in English or Spanish and enrollees canchoose to enroll into the online or mailed program. Program enrolleesreceive regular informational packets on topics like food, physicalactivity and stress and a monthly e-newsletter providing seasonal tips,new recipes and stories from others living with diabetes. Enrollees arealso invited to meet peers through the Association’s online communityas well as through local American Diabetes Association activities.
Click Here and Enroll in the Living With Type 2 Diabetes program today and let the American Diabetes Association help you get started on your journey with diabetes.

originally posted at : diabetes.org

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