Loved when this memory popped up!!

After a year of dealing with thyroid issues, I am finally on the right medication and have been able to get some weight off. I have my energy back and I feel so much better. When this memory popped up on my Facebook page I was able to look at it and remember how good it feels to not have that extra weight on my body. Thyroid is a serious issue for a lot of people out there. The weight gains that comes from low thyroid sucks! It takes so long to get the Dosage just right so you can start feeling better. For some I hear never it never gets better and medication does not help. I feel for those people.
As a patient advocate I will always say if you don’t feel like your doctor is doing what they should FIND the new doctor. Never settle for poor health. There are doctors out there that can help. My first doctor just kept on giving me medicines for symptoms not finding out what the problem was. He’s no longer my doctor. I now see somebody that addresses the core of the issue and that is why I am feeling better.

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