Weight Loss

26 pounds down since March 27th ..  The right Thyroid medication and eating right and exercising and good sleep!!

Anyone struggle with Hormones and Thyroid issues?? Age 51 was when I started not feeling like myself. My Dr. Just kept treating my symptoms and not listening to me. I finally had enough of that and found a awesome nurse practitioner who specialized in hormones And thyroid. it was so comforting explaining that I knew I was not gaining weight because of poor eating weight was just coming on. This practitioner tested me for everything! For that I was grateful come to find out I have low thyroid and basically non-functional adrenal glands.

I was started on medication for my thyroid and she put me on some great supplements to help my adrenals. Now six months later the weight is coming off but that’s along with doing low carbohydrates lots of vegetables, and getting proper sleep. Those are the most important things to do when you have thyroid issues. it’s also important to do weight lifting. For woman over 50 your body really starts to change and cardio does not do what it did when you were in your 20s and 30s and even when you were in your 40s. Weightlifting however builds muscle and burns fat. So although it’s important to do some cardio for good heart health you also raise your heart rate when you are weight lifting. amazingly enough send March 27th I have lost 26 pounds. I have more energy than I used to but come to find out just from recent blood work my thyroid is still slightly low. So again we’ve adjusted my medication adjusted some supplements and I’m sure I’ll feel even better than I do now a month from now.

Always remember your best health advocate. Never settle for a doctor that is not listening. Shop around there’s lots of great doctors out there.
Here is a face by face pic. I will post when I have a body by body pic. #diabetesadvocate #healthactivis #patientadvocate #keto #lowcarb #lowthyroid #hashimotos #over50

Thursday’s Thought!

Monday Motivation!!

YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Jack LaLanne Died at age 96 but will live on in all who love to live a healthy life! Talk about inspiring! Watch the video clip below!

Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday! ~ Believe in Yourself!!

We have the power to change!! Believe in yourself!

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