The Biggest Loser Week 9 ~ Arthur Wornum Goes Home

Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday ~ Who am I?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who am I? I have!! Somewhere between getting married and having kids I lost the Jill I use to be. I was giving all of my energy to my family. I started to lose my identity. I gained weight and just kept getting by day to day.

I was happy I had my family and my beliefs but nothing past that brought me much joy. More pounds came with each pregnancy and not taking it all off after I had the baby just made things worse. I felt alone and would look around and wonder if other mom’s were ever feeling like I was. Finally after my second child was born I joined TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and started to drop some weight. I started to feel a bit better but really had my weight go up and then down and then up again. It was a battle. I would eat when I was board, sad, happy, or just if I felt like it. During this time I just never felt like myself.

I had a few friends that opened up to me that they were going through very similar feelings about losing their Identity. I did not feel alone any longer. A few years back Before even being diagnosed with diabetes I told a friend that I was going to go through a whole transformation. A big lifestyle change I said it may take me a few years but in the end it will be worth it. Not much longer after I said those words I opened my own mobile spa teaching other mom’s how to learn to take (ME) time. It is vitally important that moms take time to relax refresh and rejuvenate.
I was now practicing what I preached and slowly began to feel more like myself.

After my 3rd child was born I could not take off any weight.
That’s when I found I had type 2 diabetes. I vowed to get the weight off. I put together a plan. Eating 6 small meals a day and the pounds started coming off. The more home spa’s I would give the more I would come to find that most mom’s from all walks of life at sometime lost their identify. I really enjoy doing home spa’s and learning all I can about how I can help these mom’s realize how important that (Me) time. is.
Take those much needed breaks. Workout, go to a movie, out to a healthy dinner with a friend, read a book, take a walk. Do anything that lets you be you and a break away from the daily routine of life.

I love helping others!! 🙂 Remember to be good to yourself.

Thursday’s Thought ~ Motivation!

You and only you can do anything you want if you believe in yourself!!

Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday ~ Get Up and Get Moving

We all know that exercise is good. From weight management, controlling diabetes, cholesterol along with high blood pressure. It also helps prevent heart disease. The benefits seem endless.

Exercise also boots energy and helps us manage stress. Studies show that it can save our lives and improve our quality of life.

According to the Surgeon Generals Report on health and physical activity higher levels of exercise are associated with the lowering of mortality rates.

Now I have to ask, with all of these benefits why is it that less than 50% of Americans are leading a active lifestyle??

We really need to start getting off the couch and start moving!

We know longer can afford to use the same old excuses that often keep us from moving.
I am too busy to exercise, I am too tired to exercise.

Let’s stop the excuses of life being to busy and start putting exercise as a priority.

Make it a priority.

“Get Up and Get Moving”

1. When going to the store or mall park as far away as you can from the entrance and walk.

2. If you must watch TV march, use a treadmill or do steps on your Wii fit if you have one.

3. Buy a pedometer to mark your progress. I just got one when I was on the Dr. OZ show and I had know Idea how hard it is to get in 10.000 steps a day. Now doing this every day I don’t have time to sit around. I have to keep moving.

4. Make exercise fun! Walking, running, Zumba, gardening. Do what makes you happy to get your body moving.

5. Walk during your lunch break.

6. Stick in your favorite work out DVD.

7. Make sure you have some variety in your exercise. Most people get bored and end up stopping exercising.

8. Take your kids on along long walk. Bike ride with your family. This will instill in your family the importance of getting exercise.

9. Train for an event. Having a mental commitment is a great way to get fit.

10. Honor yourself by making exercise apart of your life. Schedule time in your life for exercise.

Live Long, Live Happy!!

The Blessings of 2010

From the Dr. OZ stage to a cover of a magazine, I have to say God has sure blessed me with many ways to share my story. I feel very blessed that 2010 has been such a productive year in being a diabetes advocate. Thank you to all my readers for your support this last year. Your comments and e-mails uplift my soul and keep me wanting to continue to carry my message as far as I can. Happy Holidays!

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