Juice with Jill

I love this photo!! So true.  I have 10 more day’s of my 30 day juice fast.  I feel amazing.  My Asthma is so much better and I love having my voice permanently back!!  That alone has kept me juicing!! As I soon well in 10 days start to add food back into my diet this is a slow process so I can find out if a food allergies contributed to my asthma.   Happy Thursday!! 🙂 Here is my Pinterest where I have been keeping my recipes. 🙂  I will post more soon.  It’s been a super busy month since my kiddo’s have gone back to school but I will post more I promise.

Jill Tuesday Fit tip~

Ok I have to admit that the past 6 days of just having  juice have not been all that easy.  The first few days are for sure the hardest as your body starts the detox process.  I had brain fog where I just could not think straight.  I was tired and had no desire to get anything above the normal done.  By day 4 my energy started to increase.  Each day past day 4 I have had a little more energy each day with today Day 7 being the best day so far.  I feel great.  I feel spiritually connected to god as I have to rely on him constantly to keep progressing to my 30 day goal of ridding the toxins and gaining better health.   It’s amazing to me how good I feel compared to how I felt a week ago when I first started this juice fast.  🙂  I have found out that if I do 80% vegetables and 20% juice I have enough energy to sustain me.  I juice enough in the morning for the entire day so I only have to juice once a day.  I am loving the different creations I have made with the different mixes of vegetables and fruits I use.   I have had a few friends join me in this journey which has made it that much easier.  Happy Juicing!!  Looking forward to seeing if it makes a difference in my asthma and I can rid of some of the medications I am taking for it.  I am happy to report I have gone down in the use of my inhaler which has been awesome because my voice is clear instead of raspy.

Juicing with Jill


I am on day 4 of my 30 day juice fast. I decided that it’s time to clean out all the toxins and see if it can help calm my asthma down. I have been sick for far too long. Juice with Jill. Anyone who is feeling like they want some change to their body join me. You don’t have to do 30 days, You can do whatever works for you. I have been studying up on juicing for some time and will post my journey.

You protect your being when you love yourself better. Do it now!!


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