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A look at Obesity in America

Obesity in America InfographicInfographic Via: Golden Rule Insurance Company

Are you addicted to sugar? Take the quiz!

Yes!!!   I am addicted to sugar.  I am on day 10 of having NO sugar.  I started a 90 day challenge to get off sugar because I really feel better when I just don’t have sugar!!  I came up with this quiz to help you decide if you might be addicted to sugar.  This is everything I have asked myself prior to getting off sugar and I answered YES to all of them.  I would say if you answer 8 out of the 10 you may want to consider joining in on the challenge. 

I know back in the early part of  January when I was dealing with a load of stress I was thinking oh no I keep turning to sugar.  At the time in my mind I new this was only temporary but in reality I had been using sugar in 2012 to deal with the really bad year I was having.  Coming out of the fuzzy blur in January I really think I was ready to give up but it was not until Feb 9th that I just decided it’s time.  YOU have to be ready to do this.  I was off for 2 full years and loved it.  I want that healthy feeling back and I know for me ditching sugar is the way to get it. 

If you are ready to give up sugar leave a message and join the challenge.  Challenge Ends May 4th but this does not mean I am giving up my healthy lifestyle.

Canyon County Weight loss Challenge~ 2013

All the prizes for this awesome challenge are donated by some amazing organizations in the valley.  Join now by clicking here!

2013 Kickoff
Saturday, January 26, 2021
9:00am- 2:00pm

Challenge Location
Medical Clinic Pharmacy
315 E. Elm St. Suite 150
Caldwell, ID 83605
(208) 459-1503

come take a free class at Sponsor Nampa Fit Studio.  Click here and use Code 1FREE4ME  See you in class!! 🙂

Facts About $10,000 Canyon County Weight Loss Challenge
The $10,000 Canyon County Weight Loss Challenge, Presented by Medical Clinic Pharmacy and Wild 101, is about improving the lives in our community. We are asking all of the residents of Canyon County to get and stay healthy, have fun, and help children living with diabetes, all for the chance to win a lot of money!

This year we have more prizes than ever before! The top 3 people who lose the largest percentage of body weight and the top 3 people who lose the most pounds win their share of $10,000 CASH! And YES it’s possible to win in both categories…

$5,000 for 1st place percentage lost
$2,500 for 2nd place percentage lost
$750 for 3rd place percentage lost

$1,000 for 1st place pounds lost
$500 for 2nd place pounds lost
$250 for 3rd place pounds lost

We hope the $10,000 Canyon County Weight Loss Challenge helps you become motivated and familiar with some resources to help you get started on the road to a lifetime of good health. Our supporters will be giving away resources at the Kickoff, and many supporters will be featured in the Passport Program.

At the initial weigh-in, participants will get a Passport Program Card listing our Passport Program Partners who are each donating either a free service or product to each participant in the Challenge. Participants who visit every Passport Program Partner to redeem their free service, and get their passport stamped by each business by the finale, get an additional 2% off of their total weight loss percentage at the finale.

Please check with your physician before starting the Canyon County Weight Loss Challenge, and throughout, to make sure the choices you are making are healthy for you and your family.

All proceeds raised will benefit Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs (dba Camp Hodia). IDYP is a local nonprofit organization that, since 1978, has been providing camps and programs for all children and teens with type 1 diabetes regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Click here for more

Final Weigh-Ins and Award Ceremony
Saturday, July 13, 2021 10:00am- 12:00pm

Jill Knapp’s Spinach Raspberry Flaxseed Oil Shake~ As seen on Dr. OZ

I have had many e-mails about my Shake that was seen on the Dr. OZ Show.  I feel so blessed it’s helping so many people.  It took many many tries with my husband to get this just right  and  I am so happy it’s making it’s way around the web.  I am posting it at the top once again so people can enjoy.  Thank you so much for your kind e-mails and the ton’s of support I receive to keep my message moving!!

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Jill’s Spinach Raspberry Flaxseed Oil Shake~ As seen on Dr. OZ


Serves 4

2 cups fresh or frozen Raspberry’s
1 container of strawberry low fat yogurt.
1/4 cup orange juice
1 handful of fresh spinach. You and your kids wont even taste the spinach. It’s the only way I can get my 5 yr old to get his veggies.
8 baby carrots
2 scoops of vanilla or strawberry protein powder of your choice.
For a healthy twist add 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil. You wont even taste it. There is also a beauty tip using flaxseed oil. It is great for making beautiful hair, skin and nails.
1/4 cup of dry oatmeal
2 teaspoon of wheat germ

Combine all ingredients in blender with a small amount of ice until smooth and serve. :-)

* Amount Per Serving / 10- oz
* Calories: 203.1
* Dietary Fiber: 12g
* Total Fat: 4.0 g
* Sodium: 52.2mg
* Total Carbs: 23.1 g
* Protein: 20g

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