Good Blood Glucose Numbers

I have been really closely watching what I eat!  I have had a range that I have been able to keep my blood glucose numbers in.  It’s hard work but worth the effort it!! For the past month even under stress my numbers have been between 105 and 118.  That is really good for me especially with the stress factor.  🙂

 Woman’s World Diabetes Cookbook 

The Woman’s World Diabetes Cookbook has hit newsstands  and features 108 recipes to help you stay healthy and feel satisfied. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are approximately 1.5 million new diabetes diagnosis made each year and I am one of them!! Thank you for sending me these cookbooks!! I just have to say they are all amazing!! So many wonderful recipes!! YOU DON”T have to have diabetes to use these. They are for anyone who wan’ts to live a healthier life or want to lose weight. You will still enjoy what your eating but it will be lower in carbohydrates . If you or your loved ones has diabetes, the good news is that there is a lot you can do to manage it and reduce the risk of long-term complications. Consuming low-GI meals is one of those things.  Of course, it is essential to work with your health care team to ensure optimal management, but it’s empowering to do as much as you for your own health and well-being.  This book is designed to do just that, with plenty of wholesome, delicious recipes to make your dietary changes easy to follow as a permanent healthy way of eating.

Contents of this fantastic cookbook includes:

The Glycemic Index- The glycemic index is a fantastic tool to help you choose the best carbohydrate-containing foods.

Breakfast- Mom wasn’t kidding when she said this is the most important meal of the day. Start out right!

  • Pearl, Barley & Cherry Breakfast Bowl
  • Breakfast Egg Wraps
  • Buckwheat Pancakes with Toasted Maple Walnuts

OH wow I love love the Breakfast wraps and they are amazing!!

Lunches- These portable recipes mean you get to brown-bag it in style. Make your midday fuel-up delicious!

  • Thai Shrimp Burgers
  • Chickpea Pancakes with Grilled Chicken
  • Lime & Cilantro Beef Salad

Hearty burger that my Son actually loved!!  He is picky!!

Dinners- Finally!  Featuring an arsenal of delicious, healthy and substantial meals that will keep you full.

  • Chicken & Ricotta Meatballs
  • Grilled Zucchini & Lentil Lasagna
  • Miso Broth with Salmon & Soba Noodles

Desserts- Low-sugar treats prove you don’t have to say goodbye to sweets forever.  Live a little!

·       Honey Semifreddo with Warm Figs

·       Ice Cream Sandwiches (4 ways!)

·       Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

I felt so proud when I took a Chocolate cake with Raspberries  that was the hit of the party and when I told everyone how low in sugar they could not believe it.

Eat Good Food for Life!

While we can’t control our genetics, we can reduce our risk of developing type 2 diabetes significantly by following a healthy diet and staying physically active.

Push diabetes off the menu and treat yourself with recipes made from wholesome, good-for-you ingredients.  These dishes are simply amazing and I love this magazine.  Grab your copy soon!!

Premier Protein Helps keep my blood sugars on track


So I have been using Premier Protein   a few months now and I have noticed a big difference in my blood sugar numbers.  They are so much lower.  I feel like I have finally found a product that can really help esp with in between snack or when I am in a big hurry.  I love this product.  I feel like I could brag about it often because I want others to know the things that help me with my diabetes.

With Shakes and Bars the carbs being so low and protein so high they are perfect.  So many choices in flavors and as you can tell with me posting the smoothies I really love experimenting with different ideas.   Costco by far has them for the best price for bars and shakes but they sell them everywhere.  I know I have Canada readers who have posted they sell them their as well.  Give them a try and test to see if it makes a difference with your blood sugars then leave a comment below and let me know.

Premier protein is also good for weight loss and when using a keto diet because it is very low in carbs.

Happy August!

Premier Protein is going to be my side kick!!

I am so Excited to announce I will be working with @PremierProtein and sharing all the ways I use my favorite protein shake on the go and in recipes. Stay tuned for plenty of delicious and nutritious posts. Since I have Diabetes many of the items I create will be made with diabetes in mind.   #TheDayisYours #sponsored #livingwithdiabetes #premierprotein


#IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes allows me at a party or event to have a dessert and not feel guilt. #diabetes #T2D

#IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes can be managed and people can still live a wonderful life with hard work and a good outlook.

#IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes has changed my life for the better. This journey has changed direction in my life to a new journey that I never thought I would be on in a good way! I am blessed.

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