Meet Jill Knapp

I am all about family and love spending as much time with them as possible. My 2nd passion is bringing awareness to Type II diabetes. It is near and dear to my heart. Since being diagnosed I have lost 100 pounds

March 2007 is a special chapter in my life. It was the month my struggle to control my diabetes took on a whole new light. I reached my goal weight set by my nurse practitioner and was able to be taken off all artificial means to control my diabetes.

My diabetes is now under control through diet and exercise. With weight-loss and exercise, Type II Diabetes can be managed or prevented. My success at controlling my diabetes has led to a new found dedication and passion in educating others on how to eat right & exercise. It brings me great joy to share my story with others and in doing so inspire them to “get up and get moving!”
I am a diabetes advocate.I am a passionate public speaker with experience speaking to youth, at gyms, offices, weight loss challenges, woman’s groups, diabetes events.  I have also been blessed to be featured on the Dr. OZ show and on the cover and in the pages of  Health Monitor “Diabetes Guide”.  I love sharing my message about losing 100 pounds and getting my life back!


Jill is a wonderful advocate for people with diabetes. Our team worked  with Jill and create a four-part video series about her work tor diabetes awareness. Jill was welcoming, generous with her time and a great collaborator. It’s clear Jill cares deeply for the community and works hard to serve it.
Brendan Anderer VP ,Content Marketing Manager Healthline

Jill is an inspirational advocate for the fight against diabetes. A top-notch motivational speaker.  She has worked tirelessly to deliver the message to youth, people and others that they can transform their lives through healthy lifestyle, and diet and exercise. She is living proof that the formula works.. Jill is charismatic, dedicated, passionate about her cause and unrivaled in her ability to deliver her message.
Dan Lea
Writer, Idaho Pres Tribute

It was a pleasure working with Jill for the cover story of First  Woman 
Magazine. She’s a dedicated, hard-working woman that makes things happen! And she’s gorgeous too!

Michael Larson
Co- Owner of Larson Talbert & Larson photography

Jill is the real deal. Working with her on WebMD’s DiabetesTV about people living with Type 2 diabetes was a true pleasure. Jill is a strong kind woman who when faced with a potentially debilitating disease, Type 2 diabetes, decided not to stand still. She took her condition seriously and changed her life and started living. She’s passionate about living well and has set out to inspire others to empower themselves and live a happy and healthy life.PC

Pamela Caranes, MarketingWebMD

Jill sent in her wonderful story to our fashion blog and we found it so compelling that we asked her to do an interview with us. It turned out that her story has been one of the most popular topics that we have ever had! She is such a lovely lady and did a fantastic job on the interview! Her story has touched our ladies and inspired them to put change into their lives, like she has. We are happy to endorse such a beautiful person inside and out as Jill!

JoJami Tyler
Fabulous after forty
Co- Host at Ladies Road Map to Living Ageless

I was introduced to Jill through a mutual friend and asked her to speak to share her personal story at The Glow Project Screening. I knew when I met her that she is genuine and authentic in her dedication to educated and inspire other women. After hearing her story and learning of her mentoring project, I was convinced that Jill Knapp is someone that I want to be connected with to engage in like-minded community efforts and in our mutual efforts to help women heal and grow from the inside out.

Jennifer Deroin, Idaho Women’s Conference , Manager of the Glow Project.